C++ reference is ambiguous with code::blocks

I don't know what means ambiguous , here's the code :

#if defined(UNICODE) && !defined(_UNICODE)
    #define _UNICODE
#elif defined(_UNICODE) && !defined(UNICODE)
    #define UNICODE

#include <tchar.h>
#include <windows.h>

/*  Declare Windows procedure  */

/*  Make the class name into a global variable  */
TCHAR szClassName[ ] = _T("CodeBlocksWindowsApp");

int WINAPI WinMain (HINSTANCE hThisInstance,
                     HINSTANCE hPrevInstance,
                     LPSTR lpszArgument,
                     int nCmdShow)
    HWND hwnd;               /* This is the handle for our window */
    MSG messages;            /* Here messages to the application are saved */
    WNDCLASSEX wincl;        /* Data structure for the windowclass */

    /* The Window structure */
    wincl.hInstance = hThisInstance;
    wincl.lpszClassName = szClassName;
    wincl.lpfnWndProc = WindowProcedure;      /* This function is called by windows */
    wincl.style = CS_DBLCLKS;                 /* Catch double-clicks */
    wincl.cbSize = sizeof (WNDCLASSEX);

    /* Use default icon and mouse-pointer */
    wincl.hIcon = LoadIcon (NULL, IDI_APPLICATION);
    wincl.hIconSm = LoadIcon (NULL, IDI_APPLICATION);
    wincl.hCursor = LoadCursor (NULL, IDC_ARROW);
    wincl.lpszMenuName = NULL;                 /* No menu */
    wincl.cbClsExtra = 0;                      /* No extra bytes after the window class */
    wincl.cbWndExtra = 0;                      /* structure or the window instance */
    /* Use Windows's default colour as the background of the window */
    wincl.hbrBackground = (HBRUSH) COLOR_BACKGROUND;

    /* Register the window class, and if it fails quit the program */
    if (!RegisterClassEx (&wincl))
        return 0;

    /* The class is registered, let's create the program*/
    hwnd = CreateWindowEx (
           0,                   /* Extended possibilites for variation */
           szClassName,         /* Classname */
           _T("Code::Blocks Template Windows App"),       /* Title Text */
           WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW, /* default window */
           CW_USEDEFAULT,       /* Windows decides the position */
           CW_USEDEFAULT,       /* where the window ends up on the screen */
           544,                 /* The programs width */
           375,                 /* and height in pixels */
           HWND_DESKTOP,        /* The window is a child-window to desktop */
           NULL,                /* No menu */
           hThisInstance,       /* Program Instance handler */
           NULL                 /* No Window Creation data */

    /* Make the window visible on the screen */
    ShowWindow (hwnd, nCmdShow);

    /* Run the message loop. It will run until GetMessage() returns 0 */
    while (GetMessage (&messages, NULL, 0, 0))
        /* Translate virtual-key messages into character messages */
        /* Send message to WindowProcedure */

    /* The program return-value is 0 - The value that PostQuitMessage() gave */
    return messages.wParam;

/*  This function is called by the Windows function DispatchMessage()  */

LRESULT CALLBACK WindowProcedure (HWND hwnd, UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
    switch (message)                  /* handle the messages */
        case WM_DESTROY:
            PostQuitMessage (0);       /* send a WM_QUIT to the message queue */
        default:                      /* for messages that we don't deal with */
            return DefWindowProc (hwnd, message, wParam, lParam);

    return 0;

#include "Simple_window.h"    // get access to our window library
#include "Graph.h"            // get access to our graphics library facilities


int main()
    using namespace Graph_lib;   // our graphics facilities are in Graph_lib

    Point tl(100,100);           // to become top left  corner of window

    Simple_window win(tl,600,400,"Canvas");    // make a simple window

    Polygon poly;                // make a shape (a polygon)

    poly.add(Point(300,200));    // add a point
    poly.add(Point(350,100));    // add another point
    poly.add(Point(400,200));    // add a third point

    poly.set_color(Color::red);  // adjust properties of poly

    win.attach (poly);           // connect poly to the window

    win.wait_for_button();       // give control to the display engine
Shark BoyAsked:
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Change the line

    Polygon poly;                // make a shape (a polygon)

Open in new window

to read

    Graph_lib::Polygon poly;                // make a shape (a polygon)

Open in new window

Otherwise the compiler will not know if you are referring to 'Polygon()' (the Windows API function, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/dd162814(v=vs.85).aspx) or the 'Polygon' in your 'Graph_lib'.

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Shark BoyAuthor Commented:
Perfect it's look good but when I try to build it it say : No such file or directory.

Thank you btw
Which file or directory is it referring to? Is that referring to building or running your application?
Shark BoyAuthor Commented:
Ok I just find what's wrong I have changed a library to the include folder. Now my compiler tell me :

 #error This file requires compiler and library support for the \
ISO C++ 2011 standard. This support is currently experimental, and must be \
enabled with the -std=c++11 or -std=gnu++11 compiler options.

I can ask a new question if you want more points.

Thank you for your time... I have some difficulties to integrate what I read into code::blocks
You should add either '-std=c++11' or '-std=gnu++11' to your project's settings, check http://wiki.codeblocks.org/index.php?title=Per-project_variables
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