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Outlook Web Access Address (url)

Having some difficulty connecting to the URL for OWA. Wondering if anyone can confirm where I can find the URL on the server in management. I have found what I believe to be the URL and it does not work.
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Chris H
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usually servname.whatevs/owa

What exchange / windows ver?

Typically, you'd go into IIS and search for (what I think is) a virtual folder called OWA
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Server 2003 and exchange server 6.5.7638.1
I looked there (IIS) and got what I believe is the correct URL, must be a resolution issue then, but wanted to see if there was another location to find and confirm.
IPADDRESS/owa should work also.

Do you get any internet response from the exchange server?
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We are using the server and getting mail and sending but any attempt to access owa..negative. Tried the ipaddress/owa, and nothing. It has worked previously but no one really used it. We have a use for it now and can't connect.
What kind of response are you referring to, Sharepoint etc?
Response being an http request.

Have you tried putting https://IPADDRESS/owa

maybe you set it implicit to SSL only
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Yes tried Https://ipaddress/owa errors out
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which http (request) command in particular?
Hmmm... check this out:

I'd go from a "troubleshooting iis" standpoint from here.  Be careful though, Exchange is built on IIS and any changes could knock out your mail.  I'd recommend beginning the troubleshooting process after hours.
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Great thanks I'll work on it and let you know what I find.
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Sorry just re-read the thread
Sever2003 may well be /exchange not /OWA
^He's right.....  (slaps head)  I don't know why I thought 6.5 was 2007.  I should have consulted the almighty google.

Try his suggestion using ip/exchange