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I'm using google fusion tables to build a map of all my projects, I'm also for each project trying to add a column that links to the local project folder on my pc. From there I download the KML file of the fusion table which I then open in google earth, normally I would expect to be able to click on the link of the project and it would open the local folder on my pc.

For some reason the link I paste in the fusion table translates wrong in google earth:

correct : <a href="\\SERVER\Company-Data\Files2006\11848 camp of august">Open local folder</a>
incorrect : <a href="%5C%5CSERVER%5CCompany-Data%5Cfiles2006%5C11848-1%20G%20/">Open local folder</a>

If I add the local link to the placemark directly in google earth then it opens the local folder, but if I pass through the fusion table all the links turn in to a mess.

Thank you for the help?
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
That is because backslashes and spaces are not 'legal' characters in a URL in a web browser.  They are being converted to the percent encoded versions as they should be.  In general, that kind of link can not be expected to work in a browser.  If the file was on a web server, the web server would normally convert them back to 'normal' characters.  But since that link does not go to a web server, that doesn't happen.
FCapoAuthor Commented:
Ok, Thank you,

I'm trying to add local links to directories on my drive to placemarks in my google earth, the problem is that some of these folders have french accents in the name, such as "Québec inc."

Google earth seems to completely ignore links with accents and I'm unable to open the directory, it works fine for when there's no accents, but otherwise it won't open the directory.

Is there a way around this?
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Not in a web page.  Those links just won't work.  For web pages and HTML, I make a practice of never using spaces in directory and file names.  They always have to be percent encoded and there are many things that don't decode them properly.

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FCapoAuthor Commented:
I have a local server in my office where I store the company projects, I'm trying to map their location in google earth as well as possibly create a link that could open up the project folder when someone clicks it within Google Earth.

The problem is that most of these project folders contain accents because they are in French, being that html links don't recognize accents, is there no way I could make this happen?
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