Inkjet MFP needed for Linux mint 17.1 ( Rebecca ) system


Please can someone suggest a good inkjet MFP to replace a Canon MX 895.  Needs to work fully ( print / duplex & scan ) on a Linux Mint 17.1 system.  Canon doesn't officially support linux and I know some users have had issues with the MX925 ( update to MX895 ).  Happy to look at HP / Brother etc as long as it works !!!

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On my Makulu Linux system (based on Debian) I added the cups bjnp driver via the normal repositories using the synaptics package manager, which is for canon printers, and with that, as I mentioned earlier, my MX850 works fine and directly via the LAN, including scanning. I just checked in the list of other printers supported by that driver, and the pixma MX925, as well as the MX920, are included. So although I can't be 100% sure as I don't have that particular printer, I'm almost sure you wouldn't have any problems. It's just that canon itself doesn't directly support this as this driver is built by the OpenSource community and not canon.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I use an HP 8610 All-in-one printer that I like. I use Windows 7 and Windows 8.1

I looked up the drivers and HP offers a variety of Linux Drivers.

See if one of the systems might work for you.
Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
Linux mint also supports foomatic drivers.  They are far superior to the built in cups drivers.  

HP is the best though, when it comes to linux support.
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I have an MX850 with LAN, and it works without any issues at all under Linux (although I haven't used the fax, since I don't have a Telephone connection). Printing, scanning, via the lan works perfectly under Linux. I'm sure most other printers you can get today will work fine under Linux, even if they aren't officially supported by the manufacturer.
Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
Brother supports linux
cmdownAuthor Commented:
Thanks all.  I'm going to have a quick look at Brother but will probably go with HP as (a) I can't find anything to say that the MX925 is supported and Canon's own response was - we don't support Linux  (b) HP have their ink subscription program.  I'll leave the question open for a few more days to see if any other members conribute.
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cmdownAuthor Commented:
All - apologies for the delay.  Have gone HP route.  Works a treat ( Linux Mint 17.1 )
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