Backup Exec 2010 creating multiple 4GB files

I have Backup Exec 2010, and it seems to be creating a 4GB file every few minutes.  I am not familiar with backup exec because the job just fell in my lap after the my boss passed away so I am stuck trying to learn his job.

Brian PlunkettAsked:
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Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
If it's backup to disk, you should be able to look under your media view and find the backup-to-disk device.  If you right click it and chose properties, you can set the max file size.  This means, backups exec will stuff 4GB files with random chunks of data, depending on your media policy.  If you're completely unfamiliar, I'd recommend you create some test backups and start from there.  

The benefit to file splitting allows for mimized data loss in the event of a disk failure, less memory overhead, less I/O overhead and less locked file/locked file space overhead.
Brian PlunkettAuthor Commented:
Worked Great issues solve.  Only change is the Devices Tab --> right click on the btd file --> properties --> then you will see the backup-disk section.
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