Remove private LUNs OR resetting to factory


we have an old Clariion SAN (CX4-120) that we'd really like to repurpose for test storage, but without a support contract, it seems that a DIY refresh has some challenges. On the bright side, I can get into the Unisphere interface, the service manager, and the http://<ipaddress>/setup page. Also, connectivity is good on our network. On the downside, we lost a whole storage group due to a failed DAE. I also cannot have the UI accept my deleting the old Private LUNs / Pool, nor can I get into the RemotelyAnywhere desktop. I do have the Navisphere CLI installed on a remote machine though. Could someone point me in the direction of what I could do to either

+make the Clariion forget these LUNs & associated pool (they currently show as private LUNs and while I can rt-click -> delete them in the UI, they don't go away)

+reset the Clariion's drive layout to factory - I am not seeing any good references for that.

Huge thanks from Milwaukee!
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Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
Do you have a powerlink login for dell?  Can you access the manual form there?
Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
From what I was just told, you need to access the data erasure kit from dell via the powerlink website... That's all the info I was given.  Sorry.  I hope that helps!
dgapinskiAuthor Commented:
I do have a Powerlink account. I am seeing a lot of documentation, but not an admin guide if that is what you mean. Which document do you mean in particular?
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Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
There's apparently a data erasure kit (series of applications) for emc clariion sans. I'm told you need to acquire it in order to refresh.
dgapinskiAuthor Commented:
OK, I'm thinking that is the nuclear option. I might try poking around with naviseccli to see what I can remove there. I am guessing that this does a better job than the GUI at these kinds of operations.
Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
My friend has abandonned his chat client for the day.  I'll get back with him tomorrow.  

I'm assuming it's an installation program that would boot the san and nuke it to factory.  We're out of my league at this point as I"ve never done this.
dgapinskiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for checking on that for me. Much obliged!
dgapinskiAuthor Commented:
I was able to run naviseccli and  attempt a lun destroy (which doesn't error out, but goes right back to the prompt). The luns remain, even when I run the command on both SPs. If that helps any! I think any helpful commands would be most welcome!
Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:

And this looks helpful.

Make sure to copy and paste out any helpful info in there for anyone following this thread in the future.

1. Open Navisphere running on the CX700
2. Went into Engineering mode
3. Right clicked storage array and chose "SnapView", then "Clone Feature Properties".
4. In the Clone Feature Properties dialog box, selected the LUNs from the "Clone Private LUNs" text box.
5. Clicked the "Remove" button for each of them.
6. Clicked "OK"
7. Clicked "Yes" on the confirmation window, at which point they became standard LUNs.
8. Deleted the LUNs!
And just in time for the weekend too!
Dynamox, thanks for your help. You definitely set me in the right direction!
dgapinskiAuthor Commented:
Thanks - no dice though. I  thought maybe this info might be helpful:
C:\Program Files (x86)\EMC\Navisphere CLI>naviseccli -h storagepool
-list -id 0
Pool Name:  Pool 0
Pool ID:  0
Raid Type:  r_5
Percent Full Threshold:  70
Disk Type:  Fibre Channel
State:  Offline
Status:  An internal error occurred resulting in a Pool lun going offline. (0x712d8514)
Current Operation:  None
Current Operation State:  N/A
Current Operation Status:  N/A
Current Operation Percent Completed:  0
Raw Capacity (Blocks):  17684230997
Raw Capacity (GBs):  8432.498
User Capacity (Blocks):  33455810560
User Capacity (GBs):  15952.974
Consumed Capacity (Blocks):  33327876480
Consumed Capacity (GBs):  15891.970
Available Capacity (Blocks):  127934080
Available Capacity (GBs):  61.004
Percent Full:  99.618
Total Subscribed Capacity (Blocks):  0
Total Subscribed Capacity (GBs):  0.000
Percent Subscribed:  0.000
Oversubscribed by (Blocks):  0
Oversubscribed by (GBs):  0.000
Bus 0 Enclosure 1 Disk 8
Bus 0 Enclosure 1 Disk 6
Bus 0 Enclosure 1 Disk 4
Bus 0 Enclosure 1 Disk 2
Bus 0 Enclosure 1 Disk 10
Bus 0 Enclosure 1 Disk 13
Bus 0 Enclosure 1 Disk 11
Bus 0 Enclosure 1 Disk 12
Bus 0 Enclosure 1 Disk 9
Bus 0 Enclosure 1 Disk 7
Bus 0 Enclosure 1 Disk 5
Bus 0 Enclosure 1 Disk 3
Bus 0 Enclosure 1 Disk 1
Bus 0 Enclosure 1 Disk 0
LUNs:  23, 22
C:\Program Files (x86)\EMC\Navisphere CLI>naviseccli -h lun -list -l 22
Name:  MKE_TEST_SPA_001_8TB
UID:  60:06:01:60:24:00:23:00:3A:16:4C:8B:B3:0C:E4:11
Current Owner:  SP B
Default Owner:  SP A
Allocation Owner:  SP A
User Capacity (Blocks):  17179869184
User Capacity (GBs):  8192.000
Consumed Capacity (Blocks):  N/A
Consumed Capacity (GBs):  N/A
Pool Name:  Pool 0
Raid Type:  r_5
Offset:  0
Auto-Assign Enabled:  DISABLED
Auto-Trespass Enabled:  DISABLED
Current State:  Offline
Status:  An internal error occurred resulting in a Pool lun going offline.(0x712d8514)
Is Faulted:  false
Is Transitioning:  false
Current Operation:  None
Current Operation State:  N/A
Current Operation Status:  N/A
Current Operation Percent Completed:  0
Is Pool LUN:  Yes
Is Thin LUN:  No
Is Private:  Yes
Is Compressed:  No
Initial Tier:  Optimize Pool
Tier Distribution:
FC:  100.00%
dgapinskiAuthor Commented:
I have posted a side thread at the EMC community forum. So far the conclusion there is that it's time for EMC engineers, so I'm guessing it is time for the nuclear option. Can't find a data erasure kit though, nor any  good instructions on the topic. Anyone with thoughts on that? Or how to deal with offline LUNs?
dgapinskiAuthor Commented:
I also sense that getting to the SP desktop via Remotely Anywhere would get me some good info. Is it possible that anyone could point me in the direction of how to reset a password there?
dgapinskiAuthor Commented:
I opened a chat session with an EMC Clariion tech, who was able to promise me a new image (for reimaging a storage processor) that I could upload myself, as well as instructions for reimaging. This would involve issuing commands via direct cable connection / HyperTerminal. The data erasure kit is only available to service techs, and we don't really want that anyway. I will have more info to share later, but this should keep a $3300+ out-of-warranty service charge off our ledger.

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Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
Nice work.  It would be awesome to hear the final outcome/procedure.
dgapinskiAuthor Commented:
Sorry I had not updated this - EMC shot that tech's statement down, saying that we needed a support contract or paid ticket to get the image file. Makes you think you don't really own it. Will close this question now.
dgapinskiAuthor Commented:
This solution doesn't fix the issue, because there is no DIY fix. The solution is to call EMC and have them do it - they hold their keys tightly.
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