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problem with html signatures either blocked or not displayed correctly at the recipient's inbox

Bakaka asked

I recently designed my html email signature with photoshop and edited with dreamweaver.

i have also uploaded all the sources images and direct them to my signature from my web servers. I have then created a signature via roaming > microsoft > signature > 

when i compose my email, i was able to see my html email signature visible there. However, when i sent the email out to my personal gmail address or hotmail. it does not show up. its just shows as greyed.

any idea how to achieve this?

otherwise, i can see all the box lines but when i click on those line box it was able to take me to the live-links URLs.

any idea?

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Hi Bakaka,

Try doing it this way: open the signature in a browser, copy it (ctrl+a, ctrl+c), open the Outlook email signature editor, paste your signature in it. Only then, if anything was altered, go to roaming > microsoft > signature >  and correct the irregularities.

If the problem persists, can you paste a screenshot of an email with the signature viewed in gmail?

All the best,


Thanks I have already tried this option and it works fine. Dont know why we have to do this. Why cant it work the same way as my pointed out in my problem above. Otherwise, it works this way perfectly.