Excel shared spreadsheet crashes on one user pc

Hi Experts,

I have a strange problem. I do feel the need to give you all a background of what is wrong and what i have attempted to do.

Firstly a user has reported that when she opens a shared spreadsheet on a network drive it crashes and displays this error "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly" and then it closes or you have to force it close. The whole office runs windows 7 and office 2013. All other users access the file fine. She used to be able to access the file.

My first troubleshooting steps:
1) Installed updates for PC and also office 2013
2)started the file via excel.exe /safe but the same error returned.
3) No add ins seem to be causing the issue
4) Turned of AV and tried opening the file but still no luck
5) started pc via a selective startup
6) repaired office
7) re installed office still no luck.

Then i thought it may be profile related. I logged in as my self and started the file and it worked! I then logged on as the user on my PC and it did not. So i thought i nailed it and created a brand new profile and transferred everything across. Then i tried again and the problem remained.

I then thought about and i copied the file and removed the shared access under the review tab at the top of the excel file and unticked allow sharing and saved. The user can now open the file. I put the sharing back on and the error appears.

I was thinking of just copying the spreadsheet to a new one and applying sharing but the spreadsheet is huge with lots of formatting and formulas and it would not look identical if i tried. I always hated this file.

Please help me work out why the user can not open the spreadsheet while it is shared and how can i repair that.

Thank you in advance.
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Excel sharing has been a pain in the *$$ ever since it existed, purely because exactly the things you describe are introduced over time, without many options to fix it.
You probably have seen this file grow too. The first 7 steps you took were unnecessary if you already knew the troubles the sharing feature could bring along. The last 2 steps (disable sharing and reviewing) should have been the correct ones, IF the file was suddenly smaller! It HAS to remove all the extra dead weight before the user can use that file again.
That's why "starting" over is the only option (new excel file, copy sheet by sheet, then start sharing again).
Before you try that, try this again. Instead of unchecking the Allow changes box, find the user in the list and delete the user. In the advanced tab, set the option "Don't use history" and uncheck lower 2 checkboxes, then save this Excel file. Open again, THEN disable sharing. Save again. Now check if the user can use this file. If so, enable sharing, test again. If this doesn't work. the full restart of this excel file is the only option.
Steps to start over:
Have original excel file open. Open new file. On old excel file, rightmouseclick on the sheet tab (lower left) > Move or Copy > In the dropdown box (To Book), select the new excel file, select where you want it in the new excel file (sheet order), check the box Create Copy. Proceed with the same steps for all remaining sheets, they should look exactly the same, the whole layout, formulas etc.

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solodeedAuthor Commented:
Hi Kimputer

I am sorry i have not got back to you. With Easter weekend it has been hard to get back to this issue. I need to work on this today.

the order of troubleshooting was the order i took. Unfortunately i only tried the next two steps but wish i had tried them first.

I believe you right i need to create a new copy sheet by sheet and create a new work book. If i do that does it bring over the shares too? Or will it leave all that out and then i can share the workbook again? Im sure i will find out today anyway.

It has many sheets, columns and rows. Too this day i still don't know why they insist they cant start a new spreadsheet yearly.

Thanks for your help so far and will let you know today if this works.

Yes, the new workbook has to be shared again (a good thing in this case! otherwise the "error" would tag along again.)
solodeedAuthor Commented:
Ok well i took your advise and it worked.

So i copied all sheets to a new workbook and then shared out the file.

Thanks for your help
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