Lines on windows desktop

I am wondering if anyone is able to tell me what the problem shown on pic attached is caused.
This user uses windows 7 pro, after opening/ closing some applications, those lines start appearing in the desktop. We changed the monitor, adjust some graphics parameters but did not fix it.

thank you for your help.
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Indeed as I said. It could be a graphics card issue. However, depending on your setup, your graphics card uses RAM from either its own hardware and/or from your motherboard.  The congestion is causing the graphics problem. It is less likely that there is an issue with your actual graphics card or graphics driver. Clear your RAM by optimizing the computer. Free your processing power and RAM so your graphics card is not bogged down.
This is  RAM issue and/or Graphics card issue. Look at task manager when the pc is idle. How much RAM is being used?

Based on the photo, this PC is likely to be very congested. The desktop is a total mess. Storing files on the desktop can slow a computer. Files should be stored in their appropriate folders- Documents, Music, Pictures, etc. Since the desktop looks like this, I assume the rest of the computer is congested with cache among other issues. Process intense applications such as Illustrator, Word, and Outlook will also eat up your RAM.

Without knowing how much RAM and not knowing the processor size, I can only assume the computer needs a good optimization. I like using cCleaner to start, clear the desktop. Adjust startup programs. Defragment.

Hardware wise, lookup the computer on Crucial to find out the maximum amount of RAM this pc motherboard supports, and Max it out. You can also lookup the motherboard itself by visiting the manufacturers website.
I would update the graphics driver.
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
if you refresh the screen do these artefacts go away.. right click on a black area of the desktop and select refresh.  It is a graphics card issue.
what system is this?  cpu, ram?
ggRM7865Author Commented:
I ended up replacing  the graphic card and fixed the problem.....

thank you
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