Acronis 2015, Windwos 8.1 restore on SSD

Hello EE,

i've a Samsung Laptop with a 500 GB HDD ,i just bought Acronis 2015 True Image and a Samsung 850 Evo 250GB SSD.

I want to backup the HDD, Restore it on the SSD that i just can startup the Laptop again and can use it.

As far now, i did a full backup of the HDD to my external 2 TB USB Drive with the Acronis Disc, but if i do a restore to the SSD and i reboot the Laptop its displaying me that windows needs to be repaired.

Errorcode 0xc0000225.

In the restore Process i created a FAT32 300MB partition and a NTFS partition for the MBR/Systemfiles restore and the Data/OS.

Can you please assist me how to fix it, i just want to replace the HDD with the SSD without installing everything again, if i need to recreate the MBR or whatever, can you please give me some hints for some tools since the Acronis Disc has some Partition creation function but its really basic.

And i can only access 1 disc at once since i don't have an external HDD Station, so i've to plugin the HDD or the SSD.
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Alessandro ScafariaInfrastructure Premier Field AdministratorCommented:
Are you in this scenario?

Let me know....
I wouldn't use the acronis stuff, but rather paragon. It has a tool "Migrate to SSD" which would be the ideal tool for you:
TeargasAuthor Commented:
but i already have bought acronis, is there no option to to this with acronis?

and can paragon can create the image of the hdd to my external usb drive and then to the SSD?

since i can't use both HDD and SSD at once...
If you want a no brainer way to do this ,get a cheap USB SATA adapter and use the Acronis migrate utility to copy the old drive to the new one.

You need to make sure you're not using UEFI or secure boot.
Turn that off and just use AHCI.
TeargasAuthor Commented:

yes that is correct and i followed the steps as in the guide discripted but still having that error, is the EFI making problems?

the thing is, its only an win8 OEM machine...
TeargasAuthor Commented:
ok i just did this:

don't ask my why it didn't worked before and just did work fine now... maybe because i wanted to recover the partitions one by one and before i used a full backup and now just a "what space really was used" backup as source...
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