Parallels VM Won't Start After Mac Migration

I have a new MacPro and I did a Migration Assistant from the SSD that I was using on an older Mac. Using the SSD on the older Mac, my Parallels VM worked just fine.

After doing the migration to my new Mac, my Parallels VM will not start.  I get the following error:

Unable to Connect to Hard Disk o.

A file or device required for the operation of Hard Disk 0 does not exist or is used by another process, or you have no permission to access it. The virtual machine will continue running, but the device will be disconnected.

I have looked at several KB articles from Parallels and have tried the following.

I have completely removed and reinstalled Parallels. I have repaired disk permissions. I have tried copying it to a new location in hopes that something would click when I started the program up. I have a copy of it on an external disk that runs just fine, but I know I have made some minor changes since I made the copy and would like to get the real one running.
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Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
Have you tried contacting Parallels support? IMO they aren't very good or responsive but it's worth a try. Often their response is "reinstall Parallels Tools". Did you try that?
jhyieslaAuthor Commented:
I did, but am waiting for a response... and as you said ...

I can't reinstall the tools as I can't get the VM to boot. I have reinstalled Parallels itself, but that made no difference.
Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
See Scenario 3 in this article. It might help.
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jhyieslaAuthor Commented:
I just tried that and it will not open in mounter. It's as though the "disk" is totally corrupted, but I ran it just fine yesterday from the SSD on the old Mac, so I'm not sure what the deal is.
Can you just do a finder copy of the Parallels virtual machine from the old disk to the new?
jhyieslaAuthor Commented:
I did that and it also failed.

What I finally did to get me up and running is to copy by back up copy from an external drive to the new drive and that works. It's not 100 % so I need to tweak it, but at least it's running.  I had something similar happen when I went from my old Mac Pro to the new one I had a couple of weeks ago and I solved it by doing the same, but I'd really like to figure out why this is happening and how to fix it so that I could get back to it even if I did not have a back up.

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jhyieslaAuthor Commented:
None of the other answers really addressed the final solution.
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