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how to use navigation timing API

I am loading data from SQL server DB into a ext js grid. However though i only have 40k records paging is getting very slow. how to check the amount of time its taking to each time it requests data. can i use navigation timing API for that? if yes how?

are there any possible ways to find out how much time each page is taking to load.

Thanks for your time.
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Try this.

Measuring Page load performance using the performance.timing object:

The PerformanceTiming interface includes several attributes and one of them is the navigationStart attribute. This attribute returns the time when the browser attempts to fetch a new resource from the server. If there is a document from which the user is navigating to a new document (by clicking a link), then it returns time when the browser finishes unloading the previous document:

var startTime = new Date().getTime(); 

function onLoadEventHandler() { 

var latency = startTime - performance.timing.navigationStart; 

console.log('Latency = ' + latency + 'ms'); 


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