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Cisco: find all interfaces with an access-list applied and only those interfaces:

Cisco: find all interfaces with an access-list applied:

I currently use the following command (see below), but it displays all interfaces, even if they are not using an access list or if they are down. I’m looking for a command that will display only the interfaces that have access-list applied and not include any interfaces that don’t have access-list applied.

Current command I use:
show ip interface | i line|list

It takes a long time to sort through; I need a command that is more precise.

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Daniel Sheppard

8/22/2022 - Mon
Daniel Sheppard

Is this PIX or IOS?
James Hood

If you simply need to identify the interface names as opposed to their individual configurations (assuming ASA/PIX):

sh run access-group

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This will return the lines in the cofiguration that bind the access group to an interface. For example, if you have two access lists called outside-in and inside-in and they are bound to two interfaces called outside and inside respectively the above command would return:

access-group outside-in in interface outside
access-group inside-in in interface inside

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Obviously this example is a simple configuration however, if you had multiple interfaces/subinterfaces with multiple access lists it would return more lines.

Hope this helps.

Daniel Sheppard : It's IOS and NX-OS that I'm referring too,

James Hood: This command can be useful, but I'm looking for something that shows the interface and access list applied to that interface. The command I'm using "show ip interface | i line|list" give's me the information on interfaces and applied access-list, but it give's me information on all interfaces whether or not an access-list is applied.
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Daniel Sheppard

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