Group Policy and Quickbooks company file access

Windows small business server 2011, Active Directory 2008R2 and exchange 2010
Issues are after folder redirection, desktops missing shortcuts and other items.  Quickbooks Enterprise Desktop 2014 5 user installed on the server, I have a FSP plan--however, they told me my issue is windows and outside the scope of my "full" service plan.  One user has issues accessing one of the company files, only from her workstation.  Group Policy permissions may be the issue.  I normally have an IT person who had his own business, but recently gave that up and works full time elsewhere.  Is there anyone that can help remotely for these issues?  I have several items to discuss, but the primary one for now is getting the Company files to show up from one workstation for Quickbooks to be able to open it.  Thank you
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
you have to look at the share and the file permissions for that area. The easiest way is using role based permissions vice user level permissions.

i.e. create an Security Group called Quickbooks_Users  add the users that need access to this to the Quickbooks_Users group, set your permissions for Quckbooks_users to read/write in both the share and the ntfs file permissions.  This way if a user leaves that group and gers reassigned elsewhere you can simply remove them from the quickbooks_users group
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
In addition, I suggest you run the Intuit (QuickBooks) Network Diagnostics (available on their support web site). Run this and see if you have firewall issues (because firewall issues can cause this issue). This IS within the scope of your Full Service Plan.

Also make sure the Server Manager Engine has been installed on SBS 2011 and is in the same partition as the data file. Then scan for the data file.  You should restart the problem workstation after this and test.
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