Router and PC do not Like Each Other

A customer has a laptop that is running Windows Vista.  The computer appears to connect to the Verizon FiOS (Actiontec) router, but does not connect to the Internet. On investigation, I found that the computer can't connect to anything on the network.  I cannot ping the router from that laptop, and the connection test from the router also fails.

I connected another laptop without a problem.  I took the failing laptop to another location and was able to connect without any problem.

I have run SFC on the laptop, reset the router, removed and re-established the connection, turned off the firewall, uninstalled and redetected the wireless adapter, and uninstalled the HP Wireless Assistant. Nothing as helped.

What do I have to do to  connect this laptop to the Internet through this router?
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Some Wireless adapters are not compatible with some Routers but it may be also a hardware fault. Do you have an USB Wireless adapter to test if it will work?
rhaveyAuthor Commented:
Thank you for reminding me.  I had brought an  adapter just for that reason, but when the laptop connected to my network, I  forgot about it.  It was strange that a Netgear router at the customer site behave the same way.  The Netgear connected to the Internet through the Actiontec.
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