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MYSQL aggregates taking forever for nested-set-modeled data

So I have a table of hierarchical data a la:

lft INT,
rgt INT,
depth INT

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The nested set model (lft,rgt fields) allows me to discern children and parents and depths and all kinds of greatness that I couldn't get from adjacency pairs (ie parent_id field).

However, I now have related data in another table like this:

widget_id INT,
period_id INT

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Where the widget id is the widget's id and periods are like march 2013 etc (another table).  My problem is I would like to roll up the costs in a given period to the parents, something like:

SELECT p.id, a.period_id, SUM(a.value) FROM Widget c INNER JOIN WidgetActuals a ON (a.widget_id = c.id) INNER JOIN Widget p ON (c.lft BETWEEN p.lft AND p.rgt) GROUP BY p.id, a.period_id;

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would seem to get it done, but it's too slow.
In my case I have a Widgets table of about 10k entries, and the WidgetActuals contains about 70k entries, the above query takes ~5 minutes. I'd prefer to get it down to the speed of light if possible...Any help?
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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
As you're roll up the entire tree, this will take a while.

I would consider using an additional path column in your structure, then the grouping can be done on the path.
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