Help with SMB converged network design using SonicWall TZ and EdgeMarc 4550

Moving into a new office and we will be setting up a small new LAN, server and hosted VOIP phone service.  We would like input on the network design incorporating a Sonicwall TZ UTM firewall, a hosted VOIP provider Edgemarc 4550, NetGear ProSafe GS716Tv3 and a Windows 2012 WSE server.

The primary area of concern is the converged nature of the network traffic and the relationship between the Sonciwall UTM and the Edgemarc.

Conditions and Constraints:
- a single public IP available
- computers will be daisy-chained off of Polycom phones
- all devices will connect to NetGear switch

Where and how should the edgemarc be deployed?  Should it go in front of the SonicWall WAN interface or should it be in a Sonicwall DMZ or something else?
On DHCP: In a specific configuration which of these should provide DHCP?
On DNS: is using the Windows server for DNS the best option?

Any and all recommendations and input are welcome.  Thanks in advance.
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I think you need to have the Edgemarc behind the Sonicwall - and possibly need VLAN if the VOIP provider is controlling your sets' setup (IP addressing scheme etc).  The NetGear supports VLANs.
It may be better to ask your VOIP supplier - they may have a better idea on the load it may have on the Sonicwall - or at least how their service may fair being behind such a device.
I would try to avoid deep packet inspection and any other services that would add latency to your calls - so having it within a DMZ sounds good.  
You may need to look at VLANs if you need to separate the sets from the rest of the network and still have the PCs plugged into the sets.
CraftySpazAuthor Commented:
Thanks for you input and sorry that I failed to mention that this is a small deployment involving only 5 phones and PCs.  The WAN is a 50/10 coax connection.

The VOIP provider is Comcast Business Voice Edge service so I'm not sure how much help they will be with this solution.  Their intro docs leave much to be desired.

As for VLANs we were hoping to avoid their implementation due to the small size of the deployment.  We were simply going to rely upon QoS features on switch and Sonicwall to do the trick.
As long as PC network and VOIP network are under your control, ie: you control IP addressing, you should be able to manage that.  That low number of devices shouldn't affect service for either PC or phones in or outside of the Sonicwall.

Even segregation of voice and data by IP classification on such a small network would be fine.  Vlan would only offer security over data separation at that point, IMHO, anyway.

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CraftySpazAuthor Commented:
In the end the SonicWall was put out front.  The Edgemarc was connected to the LAN but all voice traffic was routed through a dedicated WAN connection using an Arris device (attached to Edgemarc).  We simply provided Comcast with our IP addressing scheme, the DHCP pool range, and they handled the setup of the Edgemarc.  Overall fairly smooth and straight forward.

Appreciate the input provided in this thread, Thanks.
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