Question regarding a template and <ol>tag

Hi, Please see this page:

It is a template page, and the values pull from a product database.

In this section, I would like the 1,2,3 in the <ol> to align with the rest of that column, so move to the right about 15px. screenshot
Here's the problem- The <ol> list is in the database, and all I have to work from in the template is:
<h3 class="ItemTitle" style="margin-bottom:8px;">Heating Instructions </h3>

  <span class="BodyBold"><MIM>FID_field1</MIM>:</span>
              <span class="BodyBold"><MIM>FID_field2</MIM>:</span>

              <span class="BodyBold"><MIM>FID_field3</MIM>:</span>

So how can I change the padding on those sections to align?  Thanks, If you need the whole page of code, I will upload it.
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Chris StanyonCommented:
You can change the list-style-position so that they line up but the problem you'll have is that currently you have no way of isolating just that OL (unless you can add a class), so you'll likely effect all OLs throughout your site.

Simply add this to your CSS

ol { list-style-position: inside; }

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mel200Author Commented:
Thanks, that's what I figured, I have to add a class to all those OL tags. Bummer. Thanks for your help.
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