Python - Help moving animated gifs on a frame

I'm getting used to PyCharm. I like it. Thanks experts who suggested it.
I'd like to know if anyone knows how to capture an animated gif from a URL and move it around on a frame? ( click-select)-( press 'm' and click to endpoint) The Python Threading and Window events, listening and handling don't seem as straightforward as in Java.
For example, the Mutalisk at

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Could you explain in more detail what you want to do?

Do you want to create graphical application which shows an animated image?
Or do you want a web page, where you can start / stop animating a gif?

Shall this work under Windows / linux ?

If this should a a native application, then you should probably first choose your graphical framework.
PySIde / PyQT

If you just want to extract frames from an animated gif you can look at PIL (or Pillow)  which allows to read GIF files and extract frames. However PIL does not allow to write animated GIFs
beavoidAuthor Commented:
I'm curious as to the possibility of using a frame for an RTS like movement system of jpeg animated GIF's. or regular GIF's - Not necessarily over a scenery, a white window.
In fact, for any type of game, not an RTS, maybe Pacman or Mario Bros style. Is this possible in Python?

Isn't Python platform independent?
beavoidAuthor Commented:
Please un-neglect this question
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Yes, python is platform independent, and most graphical frameworks (tkinter, pyqt, pygame, . . . )
but there is also one library, which is pywin, which gives you kind of direct access to many windows specific functions.

It seems, to me that it would be best to ask a question what framework would be best for writing the kind of games, that you want to write. and them ask how to solve the animated GIF issue from within this framework.

I personally never tried to write a graphical interactive game with python so don't know which framework would be nicest.

You need to make two choices:
the language and the framework

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I also found pyganim ( )
though I did not try it out.

pyganim is a class for simple creation of animated objects in pygame.

It does however NOT display animated gifs.
What you could do however is:
use PIL (or pillow) to load an animated gif into memory and then save each individual frame from the gif file into a
separate file.
Then you can use pyganim to display these frames in an animation
beavoidAuthor Commented:
These suggestions all sound promising!
I'm still trying to tackle Pygame installation on Macbook first

I have the file

What will happen when I open it?
Will it automatically do a correct installation?
beavoidAuthor Commented:
Are people using python coded GUI's? or are they just using Java coded Frames converted with Jython?
I personally use PySide (a Qt binding for GUIs or alternatively just a web server such, that a web browser will become the 'GUI' for my application.

Most python graphical frameworks are 'just' bindings to existing framework libraries.
There's also bindings to
GTK ( )
Wx ( )
Tk ( )
Pygame is often used for development of simple games (and uses SDL for rendering)

The word 'just' is not intended to be negative. I think it's great if the graphical framework is not language specific. You choose the one you like and you can continue using it if you change your programming language.
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