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Recover Wordpress site from damaged webserver

I am part way through bulding a website on a local webserver. I have used Ampps WAMP stack as my webserver.

I have managed to export the database from MySQL using MySQL workbench. I also have a copy of the contents of the www folder.

I now want to use these two items to setup the site on a new webserver.

I have not set up any version of WAMP (or LAMP) yet. I prefer Ampps as I am familiar with it but that isnt essential. I just want my sire back ! :)
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Tom Beck
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So what's the question? Install Ampps (which gets you PHP and MySql and a web server). Install Wordpress, import your data into MySql, copy your theme folder from the backup into your new Themes folder in WP and activate the theme in the WP admin area.
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Well I was leaving the WAMP software up to how ever offered to help, but i am happy with Ampps so I will go with that.

Do I need to install Wordpress there first before copying the WP files over then import the database or can I just copy the files into the www folder and somehow point it to the database after importing?
I always prefer a clean install of WP. You should never alter the core files of WP. Only your theme files. And even then, it's best practice to create a child theme first. When done properly, only your child theme files are custom to the installation so only those need to be copied over to move the uniqueness of the original site to a new server. But I don't know the particulars of your site and how you customized it to give a definitive answer.
Other experts may have an alternate suggestion.
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I will give this try and let you know how i get on.
Thanks for the help