hyper v vhdx disk on another server permission error

Hi, i had one storageserver (2012 Storage server) in a domain, i removed it from domain to a workgrup, i did the same with my hyper-v server. They are now in same workgroup. BUT the hyper-v server now cant start guest-os since the hyper-v cant access the vhdx files on the storage server. I get error that maschine management service or the user initiating the vm managemtn operation do not have the required access to the file share. I can open the files share and i can make new files and folders. I can also make a new vhdx file on that fileshare from that hyper-v, but i cant start the new vhdx file. I have tried ti icacls "path to vhdx file" /grant "NT VIRTUAL MACHINE\<GUID that is in the error messate>":(F)
But it says no mapping between account names and security IDs was done
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per-wAuthor Commented:
It looks like its not possible to have a VHDX file on a SMB network/share in a workgroup since there must be Active Directory to be able to give permission to computers?
Manojkumar RaneCommented:
Detach and reattach VHDX file from VM and try to start VM.
per-wAuthor Commented:
Have tried that many times. Cant make a New VM, it makes the disk, but cant start since the vhdx file or the folder it is in dont have the correct permission. So i can make as many disks i want, but they cant be used if the two servers isn't in domain. If one of them is in a workgroup or both it doesn't work.
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Manojkumar RaneCommented:
Can you share the error message.
per-wAuthor Commented:
Error message
per-wAuthor Commented:
Windows 2012 Storageserver
name: Storageserver
Fileshare: SQL-Backup
Workgroup: HYPER

name: Hyper-V-02
Windows 2012 R2
Workgroup: HYPER
Hyper-V role

Same logon name and passwords.

To get it to work i need to add both to a domain that have Active Directory. I dont have to make the VMs after join the domain, everything starts to work. I think the problem is that there isnt any computers object under permissions when not in domain/AD, so its not possible to add the Virtual Machine ID under NT Virtual Machines since it isnt there as long as its not in the domain. But is there a workaround?
Manojkumar RaneCommented:
This problem occurs because the Hyper-V host does not have permission on the network share.

You can make you storage server as iSCSI target, create new iSCSI Virtual Disk and attach that disk to both of Hyper-V server.
Refer below article to configure  Windows Server 2012 as Storage Server.


After that you need to move vhd files on  iSCSI Virtual Disk.

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per-wAuthor Commented:
ok, is it possible to use iSCSI disk directly in Hyper-V, skip the VHDX file ?
Manojkumar RaneCommented:
Yes, you can create iSCSI target on Storage server and configure you iSCSI initiator on Hyper-V hosts to use Storage server as iSCSi target.

After you attach the Storage iSCSI target to Hyper-V host, you will see that target in disk management and you can format that if necessary, and store your vhdx files on that drive.
per-wAuthor Commented:
ok, but does the iscsi disk show as logical disk so i can use that disk in the VM, when creating new disk in VM its possible to select logical and not make a vhdx file. If that is possible, is that a better way since it then only will be on vhdx file (the vhdx file iscsi on storage server create) and not a vhdx file inside another vhdx file? If one hyper-v server have many VMs that have vhdx files on the storegae server, is it best to make one iscsi disk for each or one large one to hold multiple vhdx files?
Today the share on the storageserver has 15-20 vhdx files on it. Would the performance be better with multiple iscsi disks? Its 10Gb network between the hyper-v servers and the storage server, all hyper-v servers are Windows 2012R2.
Manojkumar RaneCommented:
Yes, you can user iSCSI target as disk in VM. You need to configure it as pass-through disk in VM.

Yes. You can make one large volume to store all VM's vhdx files.
per-wAuthor Commented:
Thanx. But what is best for perfomance? Many iscsi disk so each VM disk get one logical iscsi disk, or one large to store all VMs vhdx files on?
Manojkumar RaneCommented:
If you create multiple LUNs on your storage server, it will stored on same partition or drive and it will use the I/Os from that disk. It will create confusion also.  Its good, if you use one or two iSCSI disk to share with your hyper-v server. In future, if you want to configured Hyper-V cluster, it will help you.
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