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How to Enable Themes in Word 2010

Using:  Word 2010

My docs keep showing up in 'compatibility mode' even after I:

Save them in .docx
Change the Backstage Options (File > Options) in Save and Advanced to Word 2010

I've tried removing the normal.dot file from my Templates folder and having Word recreate it but docs keep re-appearing in compatibility mode which I suspect is the reason I can use 'Themes'.

I suspect this occurred as a result of an improper migration from 2007 to 2010.  My Word app (in this situation) is on a corporate network.

Any ideas how to get my Word docs out of 'compatibility mode'
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Chief Operations Manager
Compatibility Mode is Word's way of telling you that the document was originally created in an earlier version.

You will find a solution here ....

You will have to go right through the solutions, giving priority to answers with a good rank
(i.e. White Number On Green).

You will find a solution appropriate to your particular setup.


Hi Eirman,

I had tried all of the solutions proposed in the links and to no avail.  I found out this was deliberately configured this way through our corporate network and only creating a .dotx template from scratch, and right-click Open, to open it, (not double click or right-click Open with > Word ... both of which will create a Compatibility Mode file) and then saving in .docx mode would bypass the forced 'Compatibility Mode' issue.