Allow users to view a remote desktop connection

Running Windows 7 Pro on a peer to peer network.  Computers P1 and P2 are on the peer to peer network.  Files can be moved or copied easily from P1 to P2.

Assume a remote desktop connection is started on computer P1 to connect to computer P2. Remote desktop logs off the screen on computer P2.  No one can see what I am doing on computer P2. I want to demonstrate how to do something on P2.   What settings must be changed to allow my actions on P1 to be viewed on P2?
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Moktar MhaniCommented:
the Windows & doesn't allow you to do that , you have to use any third party remote assassinate software
try Team viewer its very good and easy to use
NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
You could use built-in Windows 7 Remote Assistance.  In your case, P1 would be the "assistant"
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Logmein is another good tool that we use with clients and they can see what we are doing, or we can see what a server or application support consultant is doing.
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Salah Eddine ELMRABETTechnical Lead Manager (Owner)Commented:

Team Viewer require Internet connectivity, you have to use remote assistance or VNC or any other remote desktop sharing solutions.

For remote assistance here you can find more details on how to use it:

How to Connect to Remote Assistance in Windows 7

Step-by-Step Guide to Remote Assistance

How to Use Windows 7 Remote Assistance Easy Connect to Easily Solve Computer Problems


For that you don't use Remote Desktop Connection, but rather Remote Assistance. Remote Assistance also works on home versions of Windows 7, while Remote Desktop only works on Pro and upwards.

First you need to enable it (right click "Computer", select "Properties", "Remote Settings". Now enable "Remote Assistance".

After that, the user who wants remote assistance, can enter "remote assistance" in the search bar of the start menu, and invite the other user to help him. This invitation can be a file, email or easy connect, and with that the other user can then connect to that PC. Both users then see what happens.
VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
VNC would be the simplest solution to this in my opinion. Download and install it on both machines, then use VNC Viewer on P1 to connect to P2.

You may need to allow the VNC port through the Windows Firewall. This article contains the step-by-step instructions to do this:
donpickAuthor Commented:
Hello all:  Thank you for your prompt reply.
Remote assistance sounds good but I guess someone has to be in front P2 to start the assistance program, yes?

The big problem i have with VNC is large screens.  I will explain:
 P1 has a 17 inch monitor.  P2 has a 30 inch monitor.  When I connect from P1 to P2 using TightVNC, only a portion of the P2 screen can be seen.  I cannot see the task bar on P2.  I cannot pan or scroll down or up .  

This is not a problem when I use remote connection.  It seems to handle the screen size without problems.  But remote connection logs off P2.  When I finish my work, P2 has to be logged in and running.

Yes, I know about LogMein,  there is no budget for that.  

I maintain the peer to peer network after hours. There is no one in the office.  If somehow, I could get remote assistance to start on P2 then may be that might be the answer.  

Or if I can find some way for VNC to handle the large screen problem.

Any ideas?
Yes, the person asking for assistance must be in front of the PC to initiate the request, but since your Question is that those people need to see what you are doing from remote, those people are there so that wouldn't be a problem. You just need to leave them instructions on how to request assistance.
remote assistant it's very easy to use you don't need to use a third party remote assassinate software.
refer to this link:
VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
Which VNC program are you using? TightVNC, RealVNC, UltraVNC, etc.?

With the VNC Viewer you can adjust the settings so that it can scale the resolution to fit yours. Where you modify these settings depends on which piece of software you're using.
Salah Eddine ELMRABETTechnical Lead Manager (Owner)Commented:

If no body will be avalable in front of P2 why you want to keep the screen unlocked and showing the activities?? if no body on the remote site you can use remote desktop  and you don't have to care about screen lock!!

Best Regards.

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Also, if no one is there, why do you need to demonstrate.

I put in a VPN router in my home office (instead of a regular router) and I can connect into the network from outside. Safe and secure but NOT free.
donpickAuthor Commented:
Hello all:

I am using Tight VNC.  What do I modify in TightVNC to allow it to handle the screen problem?

>>If no body will be avalable in front of P2 why you want to keep the screen unlocked and showing the activities?? if no body on the remote site you can use remote desktop  and you don't have to care about screen lock!!<<

The users are novice computer users.  It's amazing what they don't know.  They have no interest in learning new things.  I struggle with this often.    If the users don't have the machines logged in and ready to run when they start their  work day, I get angry calls from them.  Using TightVNC allows me to connect to their pc's without them having to do anything at all.  They can watch me perform tasks.  

The best solution is to get VNc to work with the large screen.   The next is to see if the users would be willing to execute Remote Assistance or whether they would refuse and  complain.  

May be you know of some  code I could launch on computer P2 which would invoke remote assistance?  I am not a VB expert but I can read VB.  I have written some simple VB code.  It seems it can do many things.  Or, may be VB is not the answer and there some other way to invoke Remote assistance.

Why do I keep this client?  Because they pay well.  And on time.

you may know of some other way to solve this.  Please share your ideas
Salah Eddine ELMRABETTechnical Lead Manager (Owner)Commented:

I cannot figure out why you talk about VB!!

Any way if Tight VNC is suitable for you and you need only to solve the screen size problem, configure the display to auto scale the viewing window under connection settings.

Good luck.

VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
Here are the scaling options that both myself and Salah are referring to in TightVNC Viewer:
Tight-VNC-Options.pngTight-VNC-Viewer-Scaling.pngIf your screen resolution is significantly smaller than the machine you're connecting to then I wouldn't recommend using Auto for the display scaling as everything will appear to be very, very small to you. In this sort of scenario it would be best to use the the Remote Assistance option as outlined above.

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donpickAuthor Commented:
Hello VB ITS

I did as you suggested.  The problem persists.  I'm not sure why.   Please share your thoughts.  May be you have ideas on how to troubleshoot this?
VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
Can you please elaborate on what problem you're experiencing?
donpickAuthor Commented:
Hello VB ITS
When I connect to computer P2, I see a small part of the P2 screen.  I cannot see the task bar.  I cannot pan around the screen.  I can see  a small part of the desktop of P2.  The font is large.  What version of TightVNC are you using?  Perhaps I have a bad version.
VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
It does sound like you've got a bad version, I've seen similar things happen to me in the past. Try VNC from another provider - there's RealVNC and UltraVNC as well.
donpickAuthor Commented:
I will try UltraVNC and a newer version of TightVNC.   Thank you for your help.
NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
Thanks, donpick. Good luck.
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