Create / Re-route a URL to a local web server (ticketing system)

Hello Experts,

Our network is a non-active directory network with about 400 clients.  We provide internet services and utilize  a CiscoCisco ASA 5512 for our firewall.  

I'm creating an internal ticketing system (OStickets) and would like to give the users a URL to goto instead of an IP.  This URL will need to stay local and not travel outside our network.  We do not have a DNS server, but I could install one if that's what it takes to make this work.

For example:  Our users would type,  (or something like that)  and goto our internal ticketing system / web server instead of trying to resolve on the internet.

Any ideas of how to do this or if it's possible.   If I left out needed information, please let me know and I'll add it.

Thanks !!!
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Easiest way to do this without any modification on client machines or installing a local dns server (which would need to be added to all clients their tcp/ip settings; if you use dhcp you could use that to add the local dns server to all local clients) would be to register a domainname for the the sole purpose of using it with the ticket system and change the A records in the public dns to point to the IP address that is used on the internal side of the network.

This will allow users inside the network to use the friendly url and outside of the network nothing will happen as the ip address that is returned is not route-able on the internet. Only downside is that you are giving away information about your internal network numbering scheme; but that shouldn't be too much of an issue as long as the internal network uses a non route-able range such as
In the absence of a DNS server simply use host files.

Here's a link on how to work with host files
iknowvideo22Author Commented:
Great.  I appreciate the post however,  we do not have admin privileges on the users machines and do not want to modify their host files.  Any other ideas of how to do this without modifying host files ?

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