OTV with NSX

I have a pair of Nexus 7K in each of my Primary & my backup DC.
At present the 7K is my L3 switch where VLANs are configured & it is also does the routing.
I am planning to implement NSX & have routing functionality inside the NSX.

If i do this will i be able to use OTV on Nexus 7K & extend the VLAN's which are configured inside the NSX to the DR DC.

If the VLANs or segments which are configured inside the NSX can be extended across the DC using OTV in Nexus 7K.
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If you are using NSX why do you want to use OTV?  As long as you have network connectivity between sites NSX is just an overlay over IP. OTV is not necessary.


harbor235 ;}
SrikantRajeevAuthor Commented:
Any inputs regarding this.
SrikantRajeevAuthor Commented:
Do any one have real NSX deployment scenarios & the configurations done for it.
SrikantRajeevAuthor Commented:
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