how can I merge the functions of two different remotes into one remote?

Hello and Happy Easter Everybody,

           I have a question regarding my interest in programming the functions of two different remotes into one remote.  At the present time, I have to use 2 different remotes.  The AT&T uVerse remote has to be turned on and the 32 inch VIZIO television has to be turned on using the other remote whenever we want to watch a television show.  We navigate the channels and sound volume using the AT&T uVerse remote.  At any rate, is it possible to program the AT&T uVerse remote to power the AT&T uVerse receiver (cable box) and the 32 inch VIZIO television at the same time?  Or, will I need to use something entirely different like a Universal Remote?

          Any step by step instructions or multimedia links addressing my interest in merging two different remotes into a single remote will be greatly appreciated.  In the meantime, I look forward to receiving any feedback regarding this interest.

          Thank you

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Every universal remote which have listed your TVs or home devices models should do the job. Just make sure it is one which have buttons for 2-3 devices. I had such kind of remotes with less than 10€.
The way how you program it is written in the user manual, instructions  which accompanies the remote when you buy it.
It may be different from remote to remote, but the basic idea is:
- you press the button for device #1, then you either search for the code corresponding to that device or you just introduce the code from a given list in the instruction manual of the remote. You close the programming for 1st device.
- you press the button for device #2, then you follow the same steps as above and then you close the programming for 2nd device.
Then as usage, every time you want to control  the 1st device, you must to press first its corresponding button and when you want to o control  the 2nd device, you must to press first its corresponding button to have access to device functions.
Tutorials you may find on Youtube searching the key word "universal remote programming tutorial"
GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hello and Good Afternoon

            The two devices of interest are the AT&T uVerse television receiver and a 32 inch VIZIO flat screen television.  Given this information, could you provide a link to the needed universal remote in addition to a YouTube tutorial link?  I just want to make sure I carry out what is needed by purchasing the correct universal remote and view the appropriate tutorial.  I am in the US by the way.

             Thank you

GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hello and Good Evening

         I believe I am getting very close to figuring this out.  Using the link of , I was happy to see that my AT&T remote controller has the capacity of being programmed as a universal remote.  Additionally, I was fortunate enough to run across this site and found a list of 4 digit codes which can be used for different televisions based upon their manufacture name.  Unfortunately, my 32" VIZIO has several different sets of 4 digit codes which can be used, however, I am unsure which one to use.  If this will help in identifying the accurate 4 digit code, the television is VIZIO (Model: D32h-C0)

        Any further guidance will be greatly appreciated.

        Thank you

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That's simple. You just try them, one by one and see if the device is responding to the remote control commands.
It is just a matter of trying, nothing wrong can happen.
Try all the codes. We had the same problem with our Zenith TV. One of them worked for us and the other 5 did not.
Also if your AT&T service is similar to cable TV give their tech support a call. We have cable TV and the "cable TV remote" (in your case it would be the AT&T remote) was able to be programmed to control the TV and the cable box (your AT&T box).
They led us through the steps over the phone and it works good. No need for a universal remote for us. Maybe you too.

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GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hello and Good Morning Everyone,

             Thank you so much for the thorough replies to my question.  Both of you have technically answered my question.  For that, I sincerely thank you.  With respect to the direction for resolution, I will need to go with the AT&T remote because it is already controlling the functions of the AT&T television receiver box and the television.  For example, I can power on/off the AT&T receiver and manipulate channels and volume of the television by default through using the AT&T remote.  Unfortunately, I am unable to power on/off the television using it.  Seeing that it is already acting in many ways like a universal remote, I believe the next step will involve contacting AT&T to determine how to power on/off the television using it.  I did notice there was a button for DVD and one for Aux which further implies AT&T remote can be programmed and used to manipulate other devices hooked up to the television.  

                 Once again, many thanks for your guidance.  I think I have enough here to tie up the loose ends to this concern especially after I contact AT&T.  

GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

               Just for updating purposes, I am happy to say this situation is now resolved.  After following the step by step instructions given at, I was able to program everything needed for the Vizio television into the AT&T remote.  

               Thanks again everyone for your help.

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