wacom windows 8 no solution at all

hi and forgive my light venting here, but:
got a new wacom intuos pro, windows 8, and what! nothing is working, well, can use the pen but lags, crashes...i try opening tablet properties and says tablet driver not installed. i had intuos 4 before with windows 7  and was ok.
i tried the following:
restart services
reinstall the driver
install any driver i could ever find from wacom new or old
cannot reach this windows lnk because it says no driver installed
windows update turned off
tried tweaks i researched the internet but nothing...
i tried different usb ports
different pens
tried so much stuff but nothing is working at all
i do not prefer to play around with the registry as i read in some articles,
i tried working on the right handed side (i am left handed) but pen hangs or does not click
tried unchecking various options and disabling other checkbooxes but oh dear nothing like really nothing
i downloaded driver 6.3.3x or 6.3.6x up to 11w....dated jan 2105... but nothing
i emailed wacom (several emails/to several addresses) asking for an explanation/solution but no response not even an auto response
it is just an out of this world problem! so frustrating.
please, really please, now i dont only seek a solution
as a matter of fact to me a good solution would also be if i know if the problem is fixable or not!
i mean just wanna know yes or no! if there is a solution then please advice, if the problem is non-fixable then please please experts let me know, and i would be very happy, really because i search and cannot find my kind of problem! everyone has a fraction of the issue and they seem to get it fixed once they install a driver or restart wacom service! but i failed to find an answer as to can i fix it or i have to wait until windows 12 comes around!
again forgive my venting but you experts do understand lol...

many thanks in advance.
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
return it to the point of purchase. It should just work fine out of the box. if it doesn't then return it.
ahashashAuthor Commented:
thanks david, but here is the thing, i have intuos 4 and i tried both on an old laptop with an older version of windows and worked fine, as well as on a friend's PC with an older version of windows.
so as a product itself is ok  iguess, its only when i try it on my windows 8...the thing is that it is so blurry and articles are so vague when it comes to win 8 and wacom, there is no (clear) solution as to whether it can be fixed or it is a no go...

well, anyway, last question, would you happen to know a tablet that is as good as wacom? or even better? i would pay whatever it takes if i find.

One thought ahashash do you have windows 8.1
I stumbled across this the other day
watch this video first please
Wacom Tablets and Windows 8 Finally Fixed!!
In this video we show you how to turn of the Windows Inking system to avoid drag delays and other issues and includes
Get the latest driver from Wacom's US website:
 you need to update your photoshop version
hope this helps you
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ahashashAuthor Commented:
Well many thanks for your reply, i went before to that very same video, and i know about the windows lnk check box, but my problem was that i cannot even open wacom tablet properties. it keeps telling me no driver installed no matter what driver i install, even legacy drivers!
 i think or i believe that this is it, no fix at all.
windows 8 and wacom just dont mix. at all and even if it works there will be a lag or some other headache.
i might just switch to a MAC. i mean will buy a computer actually.

many thanks
Yes Wacom's are frustrating to use in Windows 8, especially when trying to use non-tablet aware apps.
It seems there is a major problem with Bamboo Tablets, it strikes me as just another example of conflicts with Microsoft software, with each newer OS MS incorporates limitations with the use of "other" apps with his products.
As back in XP whenever we encountered a conflict with a software we wanted there was access to the XP OS GUI that could be modified and forced to allow the software. Open source was born.
Drivers manufacturers just couldn't keep up.
 With Windows 7 that started to get complicated again and now windows 8 has more or less been swiped out, ( pun )
Many people are leaving MS for this reason and buying the newer evolved Mac and or Linux.
Like with XP many folks skipped Vista and went straight to windows 7, I will skip windows 8 and look at windows 10.
But as I see windows 7 isn't broken so why fix it with another OS new software that just doesn't comply with the fair use. of.
Reading the feedback here really does show even petitions lodged two years ago have failed to get any resolve.
Sorry ahashash keep Googling /wait and see or as you say switch to MAC or run Mac in bootcamp so you can have two OS.
How to Install Windows on a Mac With Boot Camp
Regards Merete

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ahashashAuthor Commented:
Merete, you are amazing dude! believe it or not that last answer of yours satisfied my frustration, you even answered a question i was gonna ask (installing both OS and looking into windows 10) amazing answer (^_^)

well many many thanks to all the efforts from you and david...
ahashashAuthor Commented:
truly, thanks.
Why thankyou !!
A real pleasure ahashash wish I could do more for you but now I feel satisfied that I helped in a small way.
All the Best!!
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