Monitor noise on dsl line

Running Windows 7 pro and Small Business Server 2008 on a network,  the isp is CenturyLink . It is a dsl connection.

The dsl connection fails often.  CenturyLink tells me they cannot see any issues.  I'd like to find something ( a program, a device of some sort)  which could monitor the dsl connection and measure the noise on the line.  The modem is probably failing because of noise.  

There must be some way of monitoring the noise level on a phone line.  I want to prove to CenturyLink there is noise on the line at the times the modem fails.

Any ideas?
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The tools you need would only function when the connection is not present. I.e. the tester is the only thing connected.
Do you have access to the DSL modem, it usually reports what if any issues it sees.

Make sure that all you devices except the DSL modem are connected through a filter.  See if your issue comes up when a specific line/device is picked, i.e. when a phone X is used, the line drops (shorts, etc.)

Is this a new or old install? Does the issue correspond to a weather conditions double check whether the issue is power related i.e. at a specific time, when X, Y Z are started the issue comes up i.e. power drain/issue shuts off the dsl?
Check DSL status dealing with how long it has been up, to make sure it is has not just rebooted.
I would try a DSL filter and see if that makes a difference.  Also ask your neighbors what ISP they use as there may be a better option.  If everyone is using Century Link and you're the only one having problems, try switching to a new DSL modem or ask your landlord if they could bring a telephone tech to diagnose the problem.
maybe one of these testers can help :

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What is it that is making you conclude that the problem is likely noise on the line?

You could plug a standard telephone into the line (with a standard DSL filter) to monitor if there is noise in the lower frequency band.  I'd bet that if there is noise in the area that conflicts with the DSL signal you'll also hear something in the audible range.
If CentutyTel did intrusive testing, line noise would have been detected. They might be saying it is nothing as it is within the allowable limits..... and perhaps their assessment is that the existing noise is not the cause for your reported issue.
One thing to check is whether you are at the boundary range of the DSL distance limit.
Have you checked for any logs in your router?
Tried another router/modem?
You have a line filter between the modem and phone/s?
Is this wireless?
What CenturyLink services do you have on your line?
Internet drop off's when on phone troubleshoot
You might want to check for REIN and SHINE.  Both of these are problems for ADSL and manifest themselves as drop outs on the line.  Here is some information:
donpickAuthor Commented:
Hello Snibborg
  Thanks for the link.  I never knew about this  Very interesting.
Hello nobus:
 You have helped me before.  Thank you for the link.  Very interesting!  So there is relatively inexpensive equipment available to test phone lines.

The problem I experience with CenturyLink or any other technical service is the quality of the people providing the service.  Often they seem to simply follow a script.    When they cannot seem to find an answer they just hang up,  yes, hang up.  Sometimes I can find an intelligent person.  It is so frustrating.   I need an isp for internet service as I don't know how to get internet service without an isp.    Comcast seems little better.

I never know whether CenturyLink is telling me the truth or trying desperately to convince me it's my fault.

What I finally decided to do is to buy a different modem.  My old modem was a PK5000.  I now have a PK5001Z.  I have 30 days to return the modem if it does not solve the problem.  So far (only 2 days) the internet connection is performing well.  I wonder whether there is a firmware update somewhere to apply to the PK5000 that would have solved this problem.

So, for now, let's see if the new modem solves the problem.

Thank you all for prompt replies.  I pay for this service so prompt replies are really appreciated
i hope all goes well...
The problems I've read about REIN and SHINE is that although the main problems are devices in the home transmitting at that frequency, there is a danger that any device in close proximity of the line, between the home and the exchange can also affect the quality of service.  This can include lamp posts, electrical transformers, etc.

Good luck and I hope you get the problem sorted.
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