Currently doing course of RHEL7, i have with me 64bit DVD iso image RHEL7 but by home computer is 32bit, so i am not able to run and install on Oracle Virtual Box also not able to install on laptop which is also 32bit.

Is there any 32bit version of RHEL 7 or do i have to get 64bit system??
I will be happy if i get 32bit version of any community version(Fedora/CentOS) of RHEL.
VINOD MORELinux System AnalystAsked:
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.. and CentOS 5/6 (not 7!) 32bit is here:


Finally, here is a list of available RHEL 32bit downloads:


Note: You'll need a registration with RedHat to download.
VINOD MORELinux System AnalystAuthor Commented:
So i can't get RHEL 7 iso for 32bit systems.

Main purpose of installation is i want to study and practise.
There is no 32bit version of RHEL 7, unfortunately.
Just as a side note, are you sure your current PC's don't have a 64 bit CPU with Virtualization extensions included?

If you have such a CPU, and VT is enabled in the BIOS (this is usually disabled by default), you can run 64 bit OS's from within VirtualBox even if the hosting OS is 32 bit. So unless your PC's are really very old, it is pretty likely that it does have a 64 bit CPU with VT support. So I suggest you take a closer look at your hardware's capability.
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