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Raid controller out

We have a Sun Micro server that is showing the Raid 1 failure and none of the hard drives are lighting up. I ordered a replacement backPlane part which runs from the board to the drives because I believe that is the piece that went bad and why they are not getting any power to them. Will I need to rebuild anything software wise in order to get the server functioning again or should that do it?

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Assuming the controller is identical and the settings identical, I would think that would do it, but I would confirm that with the vendor first. Also if you are doing the mode that doesn't write immediately and depends upon the battery in the RAID card in case of power failure, you may have lost it entirely or have it corrupted as well.  This gets worse in drives over 1TB.
I just lost a RAID5 array entirely.  It was comprised of 4TB drives in a RAID5, 1 drive was being rebuilt (long time...) and another completely failed. I am going back with RAID10 and 2 hot spares.


turns out it was the chip on the system board that failed. lost everything anyway. sucks for me
I understand. As mentioned I lost a lot too, but what I lost were live backups, so not really data exactly. Of course RAID is NEVER a substitute for backups. So I hope you had things backed up. It is only a means to try to avoid down time and recent data change loss. (outside the backup window).