No remote desktop license server is available

I am in the process of replacing a 2003 terminal services server with Server 2012 RDP.  It is set up and working, but I continue to get the error No remote desktop license server is available.  The message continues that it will stop working if it does not connect with at least a windows server 2008 license server.  The new server is set up with all options installed on one server.  We aren't large enough to use multiple servers.  

Licensing manager is installed and shows 40 licenses available.  The new server also shows properly as the licensing server.  I do have a group policy for licensing servers and both the old and new servers are included as licensing servers.  I thought maybe if I switched the order of them, the error message would go away, but it hasn't.  

I had an outside vendor help me set this up as I'm not very familiar with the 2012 RDP.  I'm not sure what to try or check.  Can anyone provide me instructions on fixing this issue?
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Manojkumar RaneCommented:
cindyfillerAuthor Commented:
I knew that the 2003 server couldn't give out the 2008 licenses.  But I have to keep my 2003 terminal services server going until I have all of the bugs out of the 2012 install.  I thought I could keep them both running and the 2003 would get its licenses from the 2003 server and the 2008 server would get its license from the 2008 server.  It sounds like that isn't how it works.  I'll read up on your 2 sites and make the changes as outlined.
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