USB Hub Power Exceeded" when Using Citrix Receiver 4.2 for Windows


I am having a problem when installing citrix receiver 4.2 on an HP elitebook 820 g1 with 64bit windows 7 ent edition.
I get a message USB hub power exceeded. when I uninstall the receiver the problem goes away. I have tried editing the registry and adding this key
On endpoint, create a DWORD registry key DisableInternalDeviceCtlDispatchHook under 'HKLM\SOFTWARE\Citrix\ICA Client\GenericUSB' and set the Value to 1.

but that did not fix the problem. I even tried a qword since its 64bit and still no fix. I am out of Idea's... any help will be appreciated. question is worth 500 points. thanks
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mildogzAuthor Commented:
I found a solution...

I have two HP 820 laptops that I tried to resolve this problem on. lets call them machine A and Machine B.

on Machine A I tried that registry change from above. but it did not work. Then I ran the chipset usb driver update. rebooted and the problem was resolved.

On Machine B I first installed the Chipset USB driver update and rebooted the computer, still had the same problem. I then added the registry change from above. rebooted and tested after reboot. The problem was resolved.

so it seems like the combinations of the updated usb 3.0 chipset driver and registry change together are needed to fix the problem. Now this is the resolution that works for The HP 820 G1 model laptop. hope this helps someone else.
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