how to transfer demo data from one table to another

i have some demo data i need to transfer to another table.
table 1 looks like
ID             description
123345    blue napkin
123322    blue napkin
123323    green napkin
etc... through 1500 records

table 2 looks like
user ID    ID         description      group
5              e43se   green pants    10
5              e3212  orange pants   10
6              93992   red  pants        11
7              91322   black  pants    11
etc.... through 10K+ records

i need to take the all the  values in table 1  and put them in table 2....   for the first 1500 records  

i just want to blow away the existing values for the ID and description in table 2

there is no link between the 2 tables.
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Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Data DudeCommented:
Just so we don't have to guess, give us a data mockup of what the final set would look like.
CASorterAuthor Commented:

table 2
user ID    ID         description      group
5              123345   blue napkin    10
5              123322   blue napkin   10
6              123323   green napkin 11
etc.... through the first 1500 records of the 10K+ records originally in table 2

leaving user id and group (and all the other fields i didnt show) intact.   overwriting ID and description for the first 1500 records in table 2
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
And how do we know which ones are the first 1500 records?
CASorterAuthor Commented:
too late.. got it myself.
added a logid identity field to table 1
created a view with logid of table 1 linked to a range of identity fields in table 2
updated the view droping the data i needed into table 2

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CASorterAuthor Commented:
worked out the problem myself
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