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Uploaded web part leading to 'List does not exist' error

HSI_guelph asked
I created a dashboard with multiple web parts linking several views of three lists, one existing and two I had created.  I also created a calendar and overlayed other calendars on top of it.

Because I couldn't add a List from the parent site, I had exported the web part and uploaded into this site (following this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SfpgoEUlIw)  After adding this web part when I tried to add a List web part I would get an error.  Not every list, but some I had already on the page which was confusing.

Error after uploading exported list webpart
There are probably other ways of adding lists from outside a subsite but does anyone know why this happened and how to fix it?  I removed that webpart and I could add the lists so I believe this is the problem.

Any and all replies are greatly appreciated!!!
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Product manager
I've tried to do this also now, and this issue remains for me too. This imported webpart look ok while I'm not adding another list web part, if I add, it shows error.  
Did you find a fix?
The simple solution could be to add all web parts you need and the last one to add that imported web part :)


@martusha - That is what I've done for now but the dashboard is a wip so I'm still tweeking it and even if I try to edit an existing webpart I have to delete the imported webpart first.  I have to do the entire import again, it's almost like it's losing that webpart and it has to be imported again before I can add it.  But I have been able to add a couple of different list webparts successfully.  It's just that some it will allow and others it won't.  

I might have to find another way to access a parent list but if I can get this to work I'd be happy to stick with it.
I would suspect that this is likely to be caused due to the exported web part exporting list GUIDs not names.  Creating a new list on a new site will have a different GUID.  Can't see how this  affects a single web part/list though...


I was hoping to get a late response that might help figure out what was happening here but I'll close this thread up and thank everyone who posted!