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How to add Invoice information above detail grid in SSRS

I am trying to create a statement report in SSRS.  The report is grouped by employee number and displays the payment detail in a table.  I am printing one employee per page sorted by a date range.  So, the AP department will just need to select a date range and all statements for employees will print out and be ready to attach to a check for payment.  

What I am trying to do is put Pay to and pay from information on each page above the detail.  When I try now, it only displays on first page and then individual employee info only displays on each page after

Each page grouped by employee number should look like....

Company Name                                                      Pay To:  Employee Number
Company Address                                                                 Employee Name
                                                                                                  Employee Address

Payment Date  Start  To End
Employee pay detail.

thanks for any help
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