Can't access Unity Connection call handler

I've setup a system call handler in unity connection that will act as an auto attendant and I've assigned the call handler extension 450.  My issue is that no matter what I've tried I can not access the call handler from either dialing internally or externally.

The call flow to this call handler is:
PSTN ---> extension 200 (Call forward no answer 24 seconds) ---> 450 (call handler)

If I call extension 200 from extension 250 internally, once it forwards I get:

"Please enter your PIN followed by pound"

If I call from the PSTN I get:

"Cisco unity connection messaging system.  From a touchtone telephone you can dial an extension at any time..."

The integration between CUCM and CUC is a SIP trunk

In CUCM I created a CTI Route point. I created a corresponding DN of 450 and set it to Call Forward all to voicemail.  Didn't work.

I deleted the CTI route point and tried creating a route pattern of 450 and setting the calling number mask to 450.  Didn't work.

I've tried setting up a direct routing rule and a forwarded routing rule.  I think this is the solution, but I'm not sure of the settings.
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José MéndezCommented:
The CTI Forwarding to VM should be enough for Unity to recognize and connect to the call handler.

I would get rid of the forwarding rules you created just to avoid more complications.

Go to the call handler > Edit > Transfer Rules and make sure only the Standard greeting is selected.

Then go to Edit > Greetings > Standard > Callers Hear and see what is selected there. There could be a mix of the Callers Hear configuration and the After Greeting section connecting to a mailbox.
jplagensAuthor Commented:
I agree.  Based on my knowledge and the documentation out there, hitting a call handler is not this difficult.

I deleted all forwarding rules in CUC.  The standard greeting is selected.  Under callers hear I have selected My Personal Recording.  I have recorded the Recording as "thank you for calling xyz company....."  Based on these settings I should hear the recording.

I've attached a screenshot of the Greeting.
José MéndezCommented:
Ok then you may want to confirm what Callmanager is sending over to Unity as the Redirecting number. You can do this with the Remote Port Status Monitor:

Is the SIP trunk to Unity configured with the Redirecting Diversion Header Delivery - Outbound check box?

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jplagensAuthor Commented:
Got it working.  It was the "Redirecting Diversion Header Delivery -Outbound"  It was not checked.  I must have unchecked it somewhere in all of the testing.  Once I checked it, I could call the 450 call handler and go directly into it.  If I called extension 200 which is set to forward to 450 after 21 seconds it still would not work.  I setup a Forwarding Routing Rule and set the Forwarding Station in to 200.  Everything works now.  Appreciate the help!

When I called from extension 250 to 200 and it forwarded to 450 (call handler), it showed 200 as the Redir number and 450 as the Last Redir number in RTMT.
José MéndezCommented:
That is by design. You can configure Unity to use the last or the first redirecting number, and this modification is global, applies for everything. Its up to you if you want it globally using the last redirecting number, or to configure individual forwarding rules like the one that got it working.
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