Configure temp and backups default directory location in sql server 2008


  I have already installed MS SQL Server 2008 and did not set the default directory location for the temp and backup paths.

  The installation is done now and i want to set the temp directory default and the backup directory default ( for full and trans).

  How do i set it up ?

joe_echavarriaDatabase AdministratorAsked:
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PadawanDBAOperational DBACommented:
Whoops...  Totally missed the SQL Server 2008 part - not sure how, but I managed.  Either one of these should do the trick:  
PadawanDBAOperational DBACommented:
After you connect to the instance, you can right click the instance name > properties > database settings > Database default locations > Backup.  Just change the default location for the backups there.  In order to move the TempDB, you'll just want to follow the steps here:
joe_echavarriaDatabase AdministratorAuthor Commented:
  I have changed the TempDB settings after following the steps at msdn.

  But when i look at  instance name > properties > database settings > Database default locations , i can not find Backup.  I just find Data and Log directories.

  Where to set the Backup Location ?
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