Mailboxes Hidden from GAL: Post Exchange 2007 to 2013 Migration

In Exchange 2007 we hid specific mailboxes from the GAL.  We then provided specific users the ability to send to and the ability to view those mailboxes from the GAL.  We just completed a migration to Exchange 2013 and have found some information on making them visible but am looking for a process to Hide them and again provide permission to specific users to be able to send to them and view them in the GAL.

Also, hiding contacts seems to have gone away and I am now to create Address Book Policies?  Is there a good write-up on Address Book Policies?

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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
You can hide mailboxes and contacts from the GAL as well in Exchange 2013. Use the following powershell syntax below...

For Mailbox
Set-Mailbox -Identity <alias> -HiddenFromAddressListEnabled $true

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For Mail Contact
Set-Mailcontact -Identity <alias> -HiddenFromAddressListEnabled $true

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xsystenzAuthor Commented:
Thanks Will.  I believe what I will need to do as a long term solution is to use address list policies/additional OAB to segregate the GAL between the 2 groups.  

The scripts sill work for hiding the mailboxes/mail contacts from the GAL just fine though.
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