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Loss of Network/Internet Connection

One of our workstations all of a sudden lost network/internet connection. There was not a connection between the port on the switch to the computer and the workstation said "DNS not responding". We tried plugging into other ports on the switch but had the same problem. The catch is that no other workstation plugged in to this switch had lost network connectivity. It may be that all of the open ports went bad at the same time, but we are thinking perhaps the switch is not allowing any new connections to be made. Anyone had any issues or tips on this?
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If this workstation doesn't work on any port, and no other workstation has a problem on any port, then the problem is either the patch cord, the workstation itself, the jack it plugs into, or its connected cabling to the wiring closet.
Have you tried plugging  the problem PC into another wallport?  What happens?

Have you tried plugging another PC into the wallport that the problem PC is using?  Does it also stop working?
If the problem PC starts working when plugged into another port, then it's a problem with the port.  If it still doesn't work you've got a problem with the PC.

If you plug another PC into  the wallport the problem PC was plugged into and it works, then it's a problem with the PC.

Let us know which it is and we can take it from there.
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We ended up swapping the switch out (it was old anyways and we had a new one ready). A laptop was connected with the same cable that runs to the problem workstation and it was not receiving a connection either. However, we found the NIC on the problem workstation was also problematic, right now we have a Ethernet-to-USB adapter because the NIC port was not receiving a signal. The question now for us would be about the switch not accepting new IP's. We tried a laptop with a wired connection on all of the open ports of the switch, and received no connection from any of them. There is a chance that all of them went out at the same time, but is there anything else this could be?
If you are using DHCP to assign IP addresses then I would suspect that you have not updated the IPHelper in the switch.
As I said before, if other PCs work on those ports, the problem is not the switch. What exactly do you mean "not accepting new IPs?" How exactly are you making this determination? If you type ipconfig on the command prompt of the PC, do you see a valid IP address there? If so, can you ping the default gateway from that PC?
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No other solution worked so the switch was replaced.