Help Needed in Creating a Pivot Table in MS-Excel

HI Experts,

I am trying to create a pivot table with the data  in the sheet 1 (of attached file PivotTable.xlsx )
I have created a pivot table with this data (sheet 4)

I am not getting table as my expectations

My expectation is as below

1. I need two columns to be displayed( 1. Row Labels 2. Product Cost in USD)
2. I need a tree for each row in the column#1
3. I need the standard cost of each item to be displayed on the column #2( for corresponding Item)
4. if i expand the tree in each row in column#1 it should display two nodes ( summer cost and winter cost)
5. I should not get the Item cost displayed multiple times on the column#2 (please see the sheet 4 for reference)

Please help me in creating such pivot table

Ravi KiranAsked:
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Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
Almost there with some rearranging of the data.

See attached.
please see attached.

is that what u were looking for?
Ravi KiranAuthor Commented:
Thanks , this is a great help to me
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