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lync 2013 photo sync


Lync 2013 organization intergated with Exchange 2010 (AD is the storage of photo).
Some lync 2013 clients do not see some colleagues's photo in their contact lists.
How can we "push" photos periodically to display contact info correctly?

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Jian An Lim
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since lync 2013 with exchange 2010 the AD is the storage of photo
it will depends on the connectivity of lync 2013 to the AD server.
If the AD is not responding (get back in time), the photo will not show up. (i.e. if are on VPN, slow link or etc)

The photo is not stored locally.

you can try to refrsh the lync address book to see whether is this once off.
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Hi, i think you have raised a valid question and you have an answer for it. so better to accept your own answer so at least the next person come in, we know this is the way forward.
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The problem is not a client's "sync" address book  problem. A user might have changed the setting not to show the picture in it's lync profile so there is no officiial policy to disable it - only with "not supported" way to manipulate rtclocal database settings directly.