Specific Exchange Send Connector

Hi y'all

We have an Exchange 2010 setup which accepts mail for 3 different domains. Outgoing mail is sent via a local Centos SendMail relay.

Does anyone know if Exchange 2010 can handle a 2nd Send Connector, purely for 1 domain ? We're looking to test an external mail handler, so want to redirect a lesser-used domain to them for spam and content scans.

Thanks in advance
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Sudhir BidyeCommented:
Yes it can, you can create a 2nd send connector to route emails to specific domain. you will have to specify the address space for that particular domain instead of *
DoveSupportAuthor Commented:
Hi, the problem is I want to route emails FROM a specific domain which the Exchange system handles, to the outside world.

The Send Connectors look like they want a "To Domain" setting - but this will be the whole world. There's no "From Domain" setting - unless this is the address space ?

I want an user's email, sent from the domain in question, to end up routed via the new 3rd party - not our default route.
MASEE Solution Guide - Technical Dept HeadCommented:
If you are trying filter by from address or filter number of messages and route, I dont think you can achieve this as Exchange doesn't support Recipient/Sender based routing connectors

What you could try enable protocol logging and check the logs to understand most used domain.

or create one send connector for domainA and another one for domainB.
Enable protol logging on both send connectors and check the logs.
This way you will have an idea which domain most used/less used
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Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
Yes, it can.  You create a new send connector, configure it to relay email for the specific domain and you configure it to send the email either directly or to send it to another smart host.
DoveSupportAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mohammed - is the relay set in the address space / the "To Domain" settings ?
Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
Take a look at this link as it explains it very nicely (I have it bookmarked and use it frequently):

Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Exchange cannot natively route email based on the Sender.
The answer above is incorrect.
The address space on the Send Connector is the destination, not the sending domain.

To do sender based routing, you need to use a third party transport agent.
Two main products for that:

It cannot be achieved without the additional agent.


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DoveSupportAuthor Commented:
Sadly, testing proves Exchange can't do it natively. Thanks for the great 3rd party suggestions !
MASEE Solution Guide - Technical Dept HeadCommented:
Thanks Simon for making things clear.
I got confused.

Glad to know you got what you expected
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