Team Foundation Server Error Check In

Hi All,

Hopefully a simple one,

I'm trying to check in a solution to team foudnation server through the Team Explorer in Visual Studio.

I keep getting the following errors.

 Multiple errors occurred during the operation, the first of which is displayed below. A full error list is available in the Output Window.

Could not find file 'C:\Users\bernie\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\Projects\project1\Backend\SourceCode\AdminView\bin\System.Web.Helpers.dll'.

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The output window is as follows;

Could not find file 'C:\ ...SourceCode\AdminView\bin\SmartAdminMvc.dll.CodeAnalysisLog.xml'.
Could not find file 'C:\ ...SourceCode\AdminView\bin\SmartAdminMvc.dll.config'.
Could not find file 'C:\ ...SourceCode\AdminView\bin\SmartAdminMvc.dll.lastcodeanalysissucceeded'.
Could not find file 'C:\ ...SourceCode\AdminView\bin\SmartAdminMvc.pdb'.
Could not find file 'C:\ ...SourceCode\AdminView\bin\System.Web.Helpers.dll'.
Could not find file 'C:\ ...SourceCode\AdminView\bin\System.Web.Helpers.xml'.
Could not find file 'C:\ ...SourceCode\AdminView\bin\System.Web.Mvc.xml'.
Could not find file 'C:\ ...SourceCode\AdminView\bin\System.Web.Razor.xml'.
Could not find file 'C:\ ...SourceCode\AdminView\bin\System.Web.Helpers.xml'.

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locations cut for brevity.

now the dlls are not in the bin folder I have checked. BUT the solution is compiling and running locally with no issues.

Any idea why its throwing this error?
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yes. the tfs should only contain sources. i have seen systems where they also handle object files and executables (dll's) but that is not a normal development environment. note, a dll of a third-party which was not created in your own build process may also be handled as a "source", but in my opinion doing so makes more troubles than helps since the release cycles of third-party dll's rarely can be well synchronized with your own versioning cycles.

so, you should make that the files saved in the current tfs branch are exactly the sources of your current code-base and nothing else. previous sources could be restored from history or from other branches but should no longer be part of the current deveopment branch.

you probably have to remove the .dll, .pdb,  .xml files where the team explorer complains for from your workspace. files which are part of the build process should not be added to source explorer since they were rebuilt in the build process and therefore are no sources but output.

flynnyAuthor Commented:
Hi Sara,

As a newbie to team foundation (this is a learning experience for me).

Do you mean from i simply right-click and remove?

Also some of the DLLs mentioned are no longer referenced in the project as we removed them.

Thanks for you help in advance

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