excel lookup and sum

I am trying to search for a cell in vagByAgetn tab and for all matchs in VAGHOptions tab sum the column B.
See formual in column C of VAGbyAgent. I tried this
=SUMIF(VAGOptions!A:A,A3,INDEX(VAGOptions!B:B,,MATCH(A3,VAGOptions!A:A,0))) but get ref error

I tried this
but for VAG_CS_L1_Shelton_Voice_IWS i get 9 when it should be 2+16+8 (see b40:b42 on VAGOptions tabl

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NorieVBA ExpertCommented:
Isn't it just this?


Or am I missing something?
pcombAuthor Commented:
pcombAuthor Commented:
norie no thank I I think I was getting confused
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