Need help for excaping powershell command

Hi i can not fix the escaping right this powershell command:

$worksheet.Cells.Item($i,22).Formula = "=VERKETTEN(RECHTS(VERKETTEN(`"0`";TAG(Terminplan!B$i));2);".";RECHTS(VERKETTEN(`"0`";MONAT(Terminplan!B$i));2);".";JAHR(Terminplan!B$i);" ";RECHTS(VERKETTEN(`"0`";STUNDE(Terminplan!B$i));2);":";RECHTS(VERKETTEN(`"0`";MINUTE(Terminplan!B$i));2))"
            $worksheet.Cells.Item($i,24) = "

Can someone help me to do it right?
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In a case like this, it's easier to concatenate the static strings and the variable(s), and define the static strings with single quotes:
$worksheet.Cells.Item($i, 22).Formula = '=VERKETTEN(RECHTS(VERKETTEN("0";TAG(Terminplan!B' + $i + '));2);".";RECHTS(VERKETTEN("0";MONAT(Terminplan!B' + $i + '));2);".";JAHR(Terminplan!B' + $i + ');" ";RECHTS(VERKETTEN("0";STUNDE(Terminplan!B' + $i + '));2);":";RECHTS(VERKETTEN("0";MINUTE(Terminplan!B' + $i + '));2))'

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dsackerContract ERP Admin/ConsultantCommented:
Try using the backslash ( \ ) character to escape quotes, etc.

For example, from a command prompt, type:
powershell -command echo {"This is a \"quoted\" word}

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You should be able to apply that technique to the Excel formula you are trying to create.
Wilder_AdminAuthor Commented:
Excellent Answer
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