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suggestion for storage for exchange

charlie_301 asked
Hi all,

I have Exchange 2010 server running under HyperV with mailbox sitting on a DAS (C drive). For quite a while I've been extending the VM's hard drive to cope with the demand for space but I will soon run out of space on the host server so I'm wanting to move database and keep it on SAN connected through iSCSI.

Mailbox database is used by 160 users and just now its 100GB.

I'm thinking about setting up SAN storage unit -  8bay QNAP or anything similar and setting up two LUNs (one for mailbox and one for logs).

Can anyone suggest the approach or the hardware ? I'm not sure what to set up on the SAN - RAID5 or RAID10.

Any comments welcome.
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Wouldn't use RAID 5. Very slow. You want RAID 1 or RAID 10.
You really don't want the logs and the database on the same system. If you have the space, keep the logs on the drive you have now, it shouldn't be using a huge amount of space if you are on 160gb for 100 users. That will also give you the best performance.

Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution Architect
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I would also agree with Simon. If you have the disks go with RAID 10 if possible.