McAfee Epolicy Orchestrator 5.1

My boss who controls EVERYTHING in our department recently asked me to look at the new McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 5.1 console and to create a new Frame Package that will talk to all of the machines in our Active Directory and uninstall McAfee 8.7 and install the updated McAfee 8.8 edition.  I have been successful in creating a Framepkg, but when I run it on a machine it looks like the Frame Package is working correctly but it begins to rollback the installation and says "There was an error trying to install"..  

I have created a Frame Package and installed it on a machine that was within our Domain (Active Directory) and it did not have McAfee 8.7 already installed, and the Frame Package worked fine and the installation was a success, however, this is my FIRST TIME dealing with ePolicy Orchestrator and I can NOT get any help from my coworker...

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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
This may be useful as it is mentioned there are some McAfee product that cannot be uninstalled by running the 8.8 install directly and likely required manual uninstalled...I do notice some McAfee 8.7 modules not possible, do check out
a list of all McAfee and third-party products that VSE currently supports removing during VSE installation. This means VSE will attempt to uninstall the product using the uninstall string from the registry. If the uninstall command fails, is not present, or requires user interaction, VSE may not be able to uninstall the third party product.

Also there is mentioned the McAfee module may prevent its uninstallation
Sometimes you might have to manually remove the CMA.

For example:
A failed upgrade leaves mismatched files that prevent standard removal methods.
Issues with the Access Protection features included in VSE 8.5i (or later).
File corruption before or during an upgrade.
Conflicts with third-party software.
In VSE 8.5i (and later), the Access Protection option Prevent McAfee services from being stopped might require extra steps to be done.

Also credential to install does not have the admin rights can impact it too but unlikely in your case though.
We can force install e.g. C:\framepkg.exe /install=agent /forceinstall
If above is successful then it confirm that the credential is being used to deploy the agent through ePO does not have local administrative privileges on the client machine. So in agent deployment task use an account which has local administrative privileges and also check the option "Force install".
Ref - Install guide for 8.8 in case needed -
I've had to do this in batches.  Create a client task to uninstall McAfee VSE, and a task to install McAfee VSE.

Once you do that, you have a couple of options.  One is to select a node or group of nodes and then do a "run client task now" to first uninstall and then reinstall.

Another option is to create spots in your system tree where you can drop nodes.  Assign a client tasks with a schedule of "run immediately" to the folders in the system tree, and then drop your nodes in the uninstall, wait a while for them to check in and run the task, then move them to the install folder.

Yet another option would be creating client tasks that apply to certain tags, and then tagging your nodes.
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