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Gareth Gudger
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Is there a way to grant a user two admin roles in Office 365? Or to create a custom admin role in Office 365?

Looking for a way to make someone both a User Management Administrator and a Billing Administrator, without giving them Global Admin rights, or, creating two accounts.
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You can, via PowerShell:

Add-MsolRoleMember -RoleObjectId fe930be7-5e62-47db-91af-98c3a49a38b1 -RoleMemberEmailAddress
Add-MsolRoleMember -RoleObjectId  b0f54661-2d74-4c50-afa3-1ec803f12efe -RoleMemberEmailAddress

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PS C:\> Get-MsolUserRole -UserPrincipalName

ObjectId                               Name                             Description
--------                               ----                             -----------
b0f54661-2d74-4c50-afa3-1ec803f12efe   Billing Administrator            Billing Administrator has access to perform common billing related tasks.
fe930be7-5e62-47db-91af-98c3a49a38b1   User Account Administrator       User Account Administrator has access to perform common user management related tasks.

Open in new window

You'll get a nice warning in the Portal:

This user has multiple admin roles: Billing administrator, User management administrator. Any changes you make on this page to this user’s role will overwrite the existing roles.
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