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Vmware View Office 2010 duplicate cmid

I am a little confused how to deploy Office 2010 to a View linked clone pool.  I have deployed the pools off 3 master images and according to the KMS count of 3, the 3 master images must have activated but the clones are not activating so I assume they have the same Office CMID.  I'm reading to do the rearm on the master image before deploying, but before I do, I am a little confused ongoing.  If I need to do office updates on the master image, will I need to rearm again before recomposing the pools?  Rearms a limited to a certain number as far as I've read.
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Uni KittyCommented:
That is correct, you will need to rearm office before you recompose the pools in order to correct this.

I'm not sure about the office rearm limitation but found several references to this microsoft documentation when rearming for VMware View:

An alternative method was suggested by this guy if you don't have a lot of desktops, you could rearm them manually, which would be tedious or use a batch script.

#1 – Rearm all of the virtual desktops’ Office 2010 suite

You can either do this manually if there aren’t a lot of desktops or run a batch script such as the following for Office 2010 64-bit installs:

"C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform\ospprearm.exe"

… to rearm them then use the Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT) too rekey and activate the Office suite.
Reference: http://terenceluk.blogspot.com/2012/01/problems-activating-microsoft-office.html

hope that helps.
Brian_MBAuthor Commented:
Thanks Melanie.  That's what I thought I needed to do on the master image, but that still leaves me wondering about updates.  I know as long as I don't open any of the office apps on the master image, then I shouldn't need to rearm again and possibly run out of rearms, but then will updates affect this?  Not much info out there to clear this up so I'm assuming the answer is no if I do the office updates through windows update.  That has to be the only way to not have to keep rearming when recomposing the pools.
Uni KittyCommented:
Yes that is what I've gathered from my research as well and asked a VMware friend who supports View and they said that it should not affect the rearm count if you aren't updating the master itself. I hope that helps! Please post back if you get mixed results.
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