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SharePoint 2010 modified by changed on move

Hi Everyone,

I moved some files to another location on the same site sub-site to sub-site.

I used Content and Stucture as that retains the version and the locations are both buried a few deep on different sub-sites of the same site.

The versions were kept but the modified by names changed to me, the mover.  I have one with about 28 versions and now they are all  modified by me.  Is there anyway to move with out changing any elements of the versions?  I think if Windows Explorer can be used that would work but it does not work all the time.

Is there anyway to get back the correct modified names?  

Thanks in advance
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This is an old and known issue and without a custom program script, no.  It's because the actual functionality is a copy then delete the original.


Thanks tedbilly, it is unfortunate that they really do not document this anywhere as it is not the worst case scenario.  The versions did come across we just lost the modified by name on those versions.  Thanks though.